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About Us


BANC Group is the leader in the development and management of commercial and residential real-estate with a reputation for building excellence in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Our expertise in both property development and management, as well as our personal approach to customer care ensure that you’ll find one of the best places to live and work within HRM.


BANC Group of Companies was founded in 1998 by Besim Halef, when he started BANC Metals. Although Besim originally started in the steel fabrication industry and helmed the substantial growth of the company that had up to 600 employees at its peak, Besim gradually moved more and more into land development over time with the addition of subsidiary BANC Properties, and then BANC Developments after that. It wasn’t long before Besim made a name for himself within the Halifax landscape.

Several of his noteworthy land developments include: Bedford Commons, Mount Royale Subdivision, The Trinity Harborview Development Project, Rockingham South, Kelly Crossing, and the ever-expanding Bayers Lake business parks are home to thousands of residents and businesses.


BANC Group is a family-run business based in Halifax, NS. Our owners as well as employees have deep roots in the local community. With decades of experience and knowledge in Property Management, our staff culminates into a well-rounded team specifically suites to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to find a new home in a high-end building, or get settled in a new office for your business, BANC Group ensures that you’ll get the best treatment possible. Our strong history, as well as our knowledgeable and personable team comprise the foundation of BANC Group’s continuing success.

Alex Halef

Besim Halef

Alex Halef’s roots, a graduate of the Industrial Engineering Program at Daltech, Dalhousie University (Formerly TUNS), and started in the metal fabrication industry running one of the plants as a Project Manager. Later, Alex started his own side of the business focused on purpose built mixed-use concrete high-rise development. Alex looked heavily towards residential real estate opportunities, in addition to his commercial properties. Alex’s first residential project, a sixteen-story luxury apartment building which also houses BANC Group’s main office, has received several awards from the Canadian Precast Concrete Institute and has become a well-loved home for many esteemed Tenants. Following the construction of The Craigmore, Alex then moved on to developing The Mary Ann, located in the heart of downtown Halifax, then the 18-story staple of the North End, Point North on Robie Street, while having a number of projects either in construction or in planning stages of development. These properties have become pillars of the Haligonian landscape and Alex continues to balance managing his commercial properties with his residential ones in order to maintain the precedent of striving to excel and produce buildings of the highest standard possible.

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